The Gavi Exclusion


Here are the countries eligible for Gavi (around 72)


Here is the % of child deaths caused by pneumonia for countries that DON'T have PCV in their EPI schedule


It makes sense that countries that are Gavi-eligible have low deaths from pneumonia, because they have the vaccine introduced in their EPI. But when you overlay the 2 maps together, we can see the countries left out of Gavi support that suffer from a high pneumonia burden.


I guess our message can be something along the lines of... Countries with the highest pneumonia burden are left out of Gavi support. Let's negotiate better pricing to reach more kids in need.


@Seth - Gavi has access to the lowest global price for the pneumonia vaccine right now, but the vaccine is still not reaching those in need. If Gavi can negotiate a better price with the companies, then the whole world will have a lower price point to start from in negotiations.