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The pneumonia vaccine is available in the Philippines, but the price is still too expensive ($45/child) to protect all Filipino kids in the long term. 

We believe in the creative potential of the Filipino diaspora to solve big problems. Let's take action together! Thanks to NextDayBetter for joining forces with us to demand Pfizer and GSK lower the price of the pneumonia vaccine.

“I come from a very poor background. I was born in Tacloban, where Typhoon Haiyan struck. When I was young, my grandfather died of lung cancer, and he was such a good person but we had no access to medicine, to hospitalization, those kinds of things. That’s when I began to question why the lives of the poor were this way and that motivated me to look for answers. And when I was able to study abroad, I saw that there were many people in the world who were in the same situation as we were in the Philippines. So I got interested in looking at inequality and how it compares in different countries. I became involved in global health advocacy so I could empower people, particularly in the developing world, to critically think about the global dynamics that affect their local realities—like the pricing of medicine and why people in the developing world can’t afford it. I try to make people think so that they can act upon these issues at their own level.”

As a thought leader in global public health, Don Eliseo Lucero-Prisno III works to solve health inequities and improve the lives of the poor in the Philippines. Join him in asking pharma companies to drop the pneumonia vaccine price to $5/child. Let’s give all kids in the Philippines, regardless of their background, a fair shot against pneumonia. 

“When I was still in the Philippines two of my little cousins were always sick and it was always pneumonia. So they were in and out, in and out, in and out of the hospital, and it put a lot of financial constraints on our family. My uncle was a carpenter so he couldn’t finance the hospitalization of his kids, and they were still babies. My mom was the only one working abroad, so it was her who financed the hospitalizations. But if my mom wasn’t abroad working then, I don’t know what possible consequences would have happened. Honestly, it was pneumonia, pneumonia all the time. So imagine if they were vaccinated and could have prevented those things. It wouldn’t have put so much pressure in terms of finances on our family and my aunt and uncle could’ve used that money for education or other things.” - Haniely Pableo

Nurse + Hip Hop Artist Haniely Pableo believes that all children in the Philippines should have a fair shot against pneumonia. 

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